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Midds Business Services is dedicated to providing outstanding products and support to our clients by offer practical solutions which are affordable. We believe in small business and understand the challenges they face. By listing to and partnering with our clients, we become our client. Out Motto is very simple; "Let us teach one another, work together, in the spirit of cooperation, and grow together while making a nice profit for all of us!” Your growth is our growth. 

Our services are designed to help our clients surpass their goals by providing them with quality and affordable web solutions. These solutions allow our clients the ability to extend their brand with a fundamentally sound online presence.

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Midds Business Development 

Midds Business Development is focused on the development of profitable intellectual property, intellectual property management, web site/application development, joint ventures and the creation of business opportunities for our clients.

Midds Group Web Development

Midds Intellectual Properties 

Midds Group Intellectual Properties is dedicated to creating and developing quality web properties for the internet community. Here are some of the web properties that we have owned and operated.

  • buystuff4u.com 
  • gamestoplayatwork.com 
  • stupidgamestoplay.com 
  • rentgiant.com 
  • staffgiant.com 
  • zipdates.net 
  • mixedmatch.net 
  • hotelmenus.net 
  • talkgiant.com 
  • divorcelegalfund.com 
  • racepimp.com 
  • listentoyourself.org 
  • obamacaregiant.com 
  • legalgiant.net 
  • dentalgiant.net 
    • various mature themed web properties
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I was born at a very early age. I grew up playing Baseball, Hockey and Football. I was very fortunate to take my athletic talents to University upon completion of High School. There I was able to transform my athletic talents into a degree in Economics and Business Administration.

Upon Graduation I worked in the brokerage business as a Trader for one of nations largest discount brokerage services. After leaving the business I embarked on a great journey into sales and management.  I worked as the Director of Sales in the staffing industry before becoming Vice President and General Manager of a much larger staffing agency. Here I learned the ins and outs of business management large and small.

It is at this time I also learned about coding and development of websites. Not wanting to be left behind, I immersed my self into learning as much as I could about this "new" thing of web development and programming, eventually taking over the web duties at my current employer, in which I also happened to be VP.

I soon "semi-retired" to become a full time parent and develop a more technical skill set that included html, css, javascript, php, and eventually jquery, bootstrap, drupal, wordpress the list goes on. I soon had the confidence and proficiency to open the Midds Group and help small businesses transverse the Internet with websites that are functional and easy to use.