Chief Bottle Washer | Technical Consultant

I was born at a very early age. I grew up playing Baseball, Hockey and Football. I was very fortunate to take my athletic talents to University upon completion of High School. There I was able to transform my athletic talents into a degree in Economics and Business Administration.

Upon Graduation I worked in the brokerage business as a Trader for one of nations largest discount brokerage services. After leaving the business I embarked on a great journey into sales and management.  I worked as the Director of Sales in the staffing industry before becoming Vice President and General Manager of a much larger staffing agency. Here I learned the ins and outs of business management large and small.

It is at this time I also learned about coding and development of websites. Not wanting to be left behind, I immersed my self into learning as much as I could about this "new" thing of web development and programming, eventually taking over the web duties at my current employer, in which I also happened to be VP.

I soon "semi-retired" to become a full time parent and develop a more technical skill set that included html, css, javascript, php, and eventually jquery, bootstrap, drupal, wordpress the list goes on. I soon had the confidence and proficiency to open the Midds Group and help small businesses transverse the Internet with websites that are functional and easy to use.