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What We Offer:

  • Website Design
  • Small Business Web Applications
  • Content Management Systems
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Professional E-mail Services
  • Small Business Web Hosting
  • Domain Services
  • Social Media Solutions
  • SEO Serivces
  • Mobile Web Development

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  • Discovery
  • Organization
  • Build
  • Measure

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Midds Group Since 1999


The Midds Group LLC was founded in 1999 as a small business enterprise that focused on aggregating business opportunities for profit. Today we have taken the knowledge and tools from our business ventures and partners and have combined them to help other business enterprises to surpass their goals by providing quality and affordable web solutions.

Our solutions are designed to help businesses extend their brand with a fundamentally sound online presence. We realize that owning a business is a tough business. That is why we offer our clients, practical solutions that are affordable. Every solution is customized to fit your needs.

Every client is assigned an account manager who is there to assist you. No Call Centers Here!

Contact us today and see how we may be able to assist you.

We created this company with a vision to provide quality and affordable web services for business.

Today we are undertaking a monumental leap forward with the introduction of our Mobile Website Development, Affordable Shopping Cart Solutions, Affordable Advertising Solutions, Social Media Application Development as well as our intellectual web property development.

Our commitment to our clients is to assist you in achieving your dream.

Our goal is t make a difference for you with every click.

Jason S. Midds

What we do.

Website Design and Development for Small Business

  • Website Design
  • Website Re-Design
  • Content Management
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Mobile Web Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Name Acquisition
  • Web Mail
  • ....And More

Social Media Solutions for Small Business

  • Facebook
  • Linked In
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Page Design
  • Social Media Management
  • ....And More

Search Engine Optimization Solutions for Small Business

  • Keyword Research
  • Website Analytics
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Website Submission
  • ....And More

Advertising Solutions for Small Business

  • Google Ad Words
  • Bing Advertising
  • Facebook Ads
  • Email Ads
  • ....And More

Our Process

Planning a small business website

Discovery and Plan

Creating an online presence is only a part of the equation when you have decided that your organization needs a website.

What we do for you is not only help you professionally plan the direction of your website but we also try to learn as much about your business and industry so that we can work together to make your web visitor's experience a memorable one which converts into business for you.

Organizing a small business website

Organize and Refine

Once we have a cohesive vision with our clients our next goal is to organize your website, data, applications and other assets in a manner that will promote a healthy and profitable return.

Building small business websites since 1999

Build and Deploy

Building your website to fit your needs and accomplish your goals is our goal. Thanks to your help we have created a web presence that will extend your brand.

Uploading your website, mobile website, applications tp ensure that all of the components are working properly and have cross browsers compatibility is key. Now it is time to turn on the lights.

Measuring small business website performance

Grow and Measure

Your website doesn't stop with just uploading your files.

Creating growth and increasing your visitors are key. Making sure that the right visitors go to the right page(s) is important. We work with you to grow your viewers as well as monitor the results via web analytics.

Where Our Clients Are

At the Midds Group, we don't use the word 'Customer'. Because the word Customer is so impersonal. While it could be a correct assessment of some "Relationships' we feel that it does not define our objective with our 'Clients'. We do provide a product and you do buy it, however, ultimately we work for You!

We are not a store where you can just come in, pick out a product purchase it and leave. We are YOUR product specialists that understand the needs of Small Business. Therefore, once you have purchased our products, we are there to assist you in optimizing your investment.

Over the years we have worked with many Business Owners and Mangers World Wide and have developed long standing Relationships them. Below you will see where some of the folks are.

Allow us to work for You Too!